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HASWING Kayak with 40 lb Electromotor

Haswing angler kayak with 40 lbs thrust motor.
Driver can steer the kayak with foot. 
It can cruise up to a top speed of 10 km/h.
Stand support: addition stand support gives a better chance to view and fishing. You can stand up and looking around, where the big fishes are.
Rod holders: the mounted rod holders are help for the angler to trolling fish.
Stabilizers: both sides, the stabilzer helps for the angler fishing safe, and more comfortable, as well in windy water or on waves too.

Technical parameters:
Voltage: DC 12V 
Max thrust: 40 Lbs
Prop type, size: 2 blade prop, 9 inch dia.
Prop speed: max 1400 rpm
Boat length: 3300 mm
Max load: 200 kg

Waiting for interest for prices and more information.

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